Perhaps an artisan’s chisel and hammer may deconstruct the carefully concealed façade Revealing rivulets of imperfection mayhemically scarring limestone The chert, befouling exquisite slate by its mere existence and presence Swirling impurities metamorphosed from pressurized, complicatized layers A frantic fractality of feints fragmented for misdirection and survival To some, presumptive beauty in stagnant veining, foreverContinue reading “Rivulet”


Pendalogues of lamplight Falling down the stony stares Tripped when realization dawns That no one really cares Swaying absentmindedly Inured to dulcet voices Hollow in the lamplit room Immured by darkened choices – ◈ – Pendalogues of madness That feed the freshet down below Turn crystal pools of sadness To sanguine shores that overflow NeitherContinue reading “Pendalogues”


The shadow, swallowed by the darkened corner The below average, bringing down the curve The dead, overshadowed by the crying mourner The straight-laced, out done by the crazy swerve The teardrop, melting in the scalding shower The single note, dropped in the concert hall The whisper, lost beneath the voice of power The mighty tree,Continue reading “Invisible”


The inkwell tumbles over welkin and wit; her seething susurrations invite slumberous disregard The puissant voluptuary, the sadist, the con, swallows me with magmatic lips, melting resolve and self-control Fervid angst transudes through saucers into lacustrine stains and chilling horripilation; restrained by fists of silk and ichor ropes She chases me through my tenebrous id,Continue reading “Company”

Waterfalls Op. 1

Waterfalls wash over ivory stones Largo ripples on alabaster bones Mountain tresses of billowing streams With graven nocturnes in raven dreams Dolce showers from clouds on high Are borne away by trembling sigh O’er lacquered lake of purists black Come rampant storms that purists lack Unbridled rage of torrential rain Heaviest downpours a forte gainContinue reading “Waterfalls Op. 1”

Between the lines

Note: this is purely conceptual and silly fun, evidenced by itself… Read between the lines To know the secret lies Or you’ll be left behind Don’t miss the hidden cries Where words pretend to fall The eyes won’t see what’s written They’ll never say it all When with just the words you’re smitten But understandContinue reading “Between the lines”


With blood encrusted fingertips Beneath her shattered fingernails An unbreakable determination Fills wide her billowing sails She continues to fret the layers Each stroke deeper than the last Ignoring those, unwilling souls To see beyond his troubled past She knows what lies behind the pain Of his brick and mortar pall And soon she’ll pullContinue reading “Fret”

The fart catcher

Lightning split the sky over a secluded, Philadelphia country road. Autumnal sycamores and ironwoods embraced the winding route. Swollen with deep oranges and dirty yellows, they burst into glossy, earthen watercolors with each strobe of the darkness. A midnight blue, 1922 Ford Model T sits almost motionless under the driving rain. In the middle ofContinue reading “The fart catcher”


He couldn’t help but watch them They weren’t trying to hide He could even hear them In pieces, anyway, on the corner The twenty-somethings The woman was beautiful Although, not in the raw, carefree, subtle, palm tree way Hers was a manufactured beauty A skyscraper, an architectural wonder reflecting a brilliant sun But not theContinue reading “Deplete”


Concrete and steel work scrape the morning sky crowding the horizon with storied stories hidden behind endless, honeyed waterfalls of glistening glass While the footfalls and catcalls of an unforgiving wild are overcome by the stampede of impatience astride choking smoke and squealing rubber art: Buscar by Jeremy Mann *04.02.18

If they only knew

I can almost hear the sunlight’s strain, as it struggles to push through the closed windowblinds, steadfastly determined to flood the room with its unwanted presence Like the uninvited guest happily knocking at the welcome mat-less front door The too-cheery neighbor waving from their well-manicured lawn The good mornings and have a nice days fromContinue reading “If they only knew”