he ventured a few strokes, to no avail
she just lay there, frigid, impassive
offering only a blank expression to his presence
it maddened him
he often had trouble enticing her
while she always seemed willing, even encouraging
only the right words would ever bring about their joint ecstacy
even as mellifluous words and phrases rippled through his mind
the cascading ideas and emotions colliding, merging, evolving
they each would ultimately cancel out the others
it would be another lesson in frustration
with this now placid pool of thought
a flaccid will was wrought
she wasn’t going to open up to his advances
he could tell
he’d been here many times
finally in desperate inspiration, he pleaded
just this once, it’s only a daily prompt!
a lie, he knew
he needed it more than she
he’d surely beg again another day
alas, today, nothing came
so he gently slid her aside
ensuring his pen is close to her
teasingly close to her
and went back to work

Published by a.d.matthias

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