She was a song without a melody
Buried deep within his heart
An unforgotten memory
With which he’d soon depart

She was a song without a singer
His despondent little girl
Despite the love he’d always bring her
A smile she’d not unfurl

She was the lyrics without a writer
Ever darker was her thought
But when he tried to hold her tighter
A runaway is what he wrought

She was the music without composer
As compose herself she couldn’t
Strange it was that life then chose her
To live a life she wouldn’t

So he wept alone in tortured penance
For mistakes he couldn’t conceive
Holding dear those fading remnants
Of a little girl who wouldn’t grieve

The doctor’s tried to save the man
And feared he’d not have long
They asked him when the pain began
But then could only hear a song

Published by a.d.matthias

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