Of a sinister banister and the lobby it overlooks…

Everyday he wonders how much weight it can hold

Not the weight of the subconscious he buries
Not the weight of the crushing world he carries
Not the weight of the heavy heart he ferries
Nor even the wait of this wasted time he tarries

Everyday he ponders how strong the rope needs to be

No stronger than a sign for his mind to condone
No stronger than the need for imagined sins to atone
But stronger than the hope that a hand finds his own
And stronger than the resolve to go on walking alone

Everyday he muses how far the rope needs to reach

Farther than the reach of family and friend
Farther than a will that’s not ready to bend
No farther than the sorrow that he tries to ignore
But farther than the distance to walk out the door

Everyday he reflects as he walks away from the lobby

And the sinister banister
And into the sunshine
And through the trees
And down the path
And far from those memories

Published by a.d.matthias

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