Too sad
Too dark
Too gross
Too weird
Too bloody
Too laconic
Too whiney
Too suicidal
Too verbose
Too trusting
Too unfunny
Too nihilistic
Too sensitive
Too troubling
Too unfocused
Too unpopular
Too unfriendly
Too depressing
Too mistrusting
Too complicated
Too inconsistent
Too intimidating
Never the one, always the too

Published by a.d.matthias

no w here

18 thoughts on “Too

      1. lol is the list something we think people think of us or something we think of us? what are the rules xD


      2. e.g. i may think that I’m cool but other people may not think so lol or just the haters anyway lol


      3. though i could go meta and do both in one and then the reader is left double guessing which is sort of true to how we perceive ourselves through society’s standard and never completely unbiased…


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