*a fly lands on frog’s head*

Astonished by the daring impertinence of the fly,
the frog had little choice but to question him why

Why did you rest on my little green head? You know it’s my nature to eat you instead

I’ve nothing to live for in life anyway, so i thought I’d just hasten to my miserable last day

The frog could see that the fly was upset, it was as sad a small fly, as he’d ever met

What is it, dear fly, that makes you so sad? Your life, to me, doesn’t seem very bad

Everyone hates me, and shoos me away, they always berate me, and I’ve no home to stay; they say I’m unclean, and carry disease, without understanding, the swatter they seize

The frog thought for a time

Try to be happy with the thing that you are, not waste time and worry with things you are not; it by itself can carry you far, and can one day improve your given life’s lot

My friend, I don’t see what it is that you mean, I have many eyes and only see what they’re seeing

There’s nothing I’d not give to soar through the sky, zipping and zooming through the air, dear fly

But you can swim the waters, they too blue and deep, and over every land and hill you can leap

But in the waters I’m bound by my lungs and my breath, in the sky to my eyes, there is no such depth; and you needn’t leap o’er the land or the hill, when all the blue skies you reap at your will

When all’s said and done, the best we can be, is who we are in the moment, not what others can see; make the best of life’s gifts and cherish surprise, throw at small things no fits, and your happiness will rise

I think now, dear frog, I am able to see, why it’s not really bad when I’m just being me; thank you, my friend, for…


The fly was gone in a sticky tongue’s flash and the surprised, happy frog disappeared with a splash


Published by a.d.matthias

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24 thoughts on “Astonish

  1. i thought that was a very nice frog – gave prior warning, gave time to escape and also gave some lovely encouraging feedback before having its meal :p

    Liked by 1 person

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