Her evanescent sanity
An abruption of the psyche, hovered overhead
Dispersed in the brume of reality’s abyss
Maddening madnesses corralling sadnesses
As she surreptitiously clawed at her arm

A misstep bound to betoken suspicious eyes
They can’t discover, they can’t suspect
Lest her arms be girded and out of reach
She knew the game, she saw countless lose
She played it safe

Her atrabilious demeanour invited few visitors
Though undeniable pulcritude often diluted its effectiveness
And deluded newcomers among them
A blessing and a curse
But to her, merely another tool

Medications, formalities, manifold interruptions, her bane
Quidnuncs in her quietude
Peeking through the window in her door as they passed
Clipboards in hand, feigned insouciance branding their visage
She saw them gawking, wondering, with a fawn and a fleer

Was it pity? Fear? Were they drawn by their nescience?
Pellucid desire rent the men from their duties and oaths
Virescent gazes betrayed the ire of the orgulous femmes
Nurses they all, and they all know their charges

A clarion rap on the door reseated the abruption
Though, in truth, it could’ve been the second or third
Toilsome attempts to pierce her veil
It was getting more difficult to cleave to the world

“Shall we begin rounds, doctor?” she heard
while struggling to inhume the perfervid shade

She rose with lucent eyes and a dulcified tone
To illude the intruder
Together they’d survey the game’s losers
Impuissant in their padded rooms and leather straps
Wreathed in their own plumbless mists

And when barely they’d begun
Ere even their first whisper and scribe
Onto her arms the darkling itch


Published by a.d.matthias

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10 thoughts on “Abrupt

    1. So says the master magician, herself. (: Thank you. I’ve noticed your lack of posts, in the last couple of days. I’ve missed them, so prestidigitate, if you please…


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