15 thoughts on “Whispers and wails

      1. When the silver slide’s base we finally find
        Only to of sudden recollection miss
        Warm arms’ welcome upon descent
        Oft we cannot help but fall back
        Onto the polished surface
        Firm against our shoulders
        Embrace and encouragement both
        To rise without much delay
        And climb once more
        To the summit
        And begin again

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      2. Overwhelmed by the towering monkey bars
        Staring up through the menacing iron cage
        Trapped to the earth below our feet
        With no hope of making the leap
        Until words of encouragement are spoken
        And a friendly hand is offered
        That helps us reach for the sky

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      3. Funny how
        This tethered sphere
        Can seem so much more liberated
        As lonesome feet
        Join with concrete beneath
        Lost to the past
        The same as my thoughts
        When all of a sudden
        Your voice
        I hear once more
        Cutting me free
        To roll on towards you

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      4. If we only knew, back then
        To embrace
        Being it
        Because we’ll never be it again
        To never run
        Because we’ll never be chased again
        To never hide
        Because we’ll never be sought again
        To embrace
        The pain
        Of our skinned knees
        Because pain is all we’ll ever feel, come then

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      5. If we can only keep in mind
        That memories
        Can be formed anew each day
        To seek
        Not to replace to recreate
        Not to forget but to forge forward
        Not to remain but to retain
        Our youth
        Always lives inside
        Eyes wild and eager
        Not afraid
        Of what might be
        But rather accepting
        Of consequence
        Not worrying
        Rather weighing
        Risk and reward
        And sometimes choosing chance over

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      6. Yet memories are fallacies
        Deeply flawed recollections
        Only remembering the last remembrance
        Through evermore rosy reflections
        The youth inside is inherently wisdom tainted
        Can’t draw on the past nor try to fingerpaint it
        Inextricably bound by lessons learned hard
        A weakened bully in need of his own bodyguard


      7. That brief moment our hearts stop
        When at the swing’s zenith
        Floating, before gravity again pulls
        When the legs of the set rise from the ground
        And the feeling of flying forever consumes us
        When in the space of that heartbeat we are shown
        Whether fear rules our hearts
        Or whether freedom calls to us
        From then on, in that brief moment,
        We know who we are
        In our heart of hearts

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