The archaic arachnid
her fangs are protracted
hunts from her foul lair
with guile and tongue acrid

Beneath cirith ungol
fed by the wretch smeagol
exchanged for protection
from mordor and its evil

Then baggins was brought there
by gollum who could not bear
that the hobbit held precious
and the ambush, quite unfair

But the phial of galadriel
was used by samwise well
his sting saved frodo then
when shelob fled ‘way from them

So their journey continued on
through darkness and woebegone
to bring ruin to the one ring
and the threat of the shade sauron

art: Shelob’s Retreat by Ted Nasmith

Published by a.d.matthias

no w here

7 thoughts on “Archaic

  1. I was watching ‘The Two Towers’ today and was going through the reader when I saw the Daily Prompt for Archaic and was inspired by LOTR, so I wrote my own little story, and you have written a poem inspired by LOTR as well. I just just think that’s so amazing! πŸ˜€

    Sorry about the random babble.

    Liked by 1 person

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