Of course he can see the light, who
couldn’t in its desperation to be seen
With its ebullient throes of light-waving
and self-congratulating brilliance

And while admittedly often appealing
on the surface, it is his predilection
to hold judgement, preferring to peer
into its concomitant shadow for clarity

If there’s a silver-lining to every cloud –
a banality for the positivist – then he
thinks also, there must exist a shadow with
every light and shade from each light-minded

For light needn’t a shadow to exist, yet
ever one appears when light is present;
as light fears the solitude, it relies on
the juxtaposed darkness for its adulation

So it casts its shadow of attraction, to
stave loneliness, befriending the negative
light, while slipping into his hand, the
noose for his inexorable demise

Prone to ulterior motives, false reasoning,
and capricious angles, light clusters devour
friend and foe, to be seen in a positive light
Thus, he has no choice but to be a negative one

art: equilibrist by Jodi Hugo


Published by a.d.matthias

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