he followed the rules, of the bespoken tools
others would break them, he’s a foretoken fool

he squandered each day, by obeying the fray
a prisoner of self, ever losing his way

he wasted each night, no voice for his plight
no answers would come, no choice but to write

he’d never feel peace, as his questions increase
no eyes ever find him, the torment won’t cease

he’s destined to fail, it’s the image they hail
immured by delusion, their own private jail

he finds an accord, an escape from the horde
in releasing the pen, to fall on the sword

art: Portrait of Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshinavast by Ilya Repin


Published by a.d.matthias

no w here

6 thoughts on “Rules

    1. Thanks. Yeah, part of the “rules” in this particular challenge, is using the same format for all posts. The first one I did rhymed, so now I’m stuck with it until the end :/


      1. To be fair, I’m far more accustomed to rhyming, than not. I never really liked non-rhyming (although I think I’m beginning to prefer it), but my brain still wants to rhyme when I read non-rhyme, and that’s super frustrating 😕


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