Why does he bother… deprived duende, marred by a sombrous mien, building bridges with deadwood, in a language he alone speaks; farouche, and paying the tolls to navigate the ashes yet to be, hopeless to redefine that synecdoche

An innominate one, extending his naΓ―ve tongue for the whim of a wafer, an exegesis literatim; marginalized for the well-adjusted, he’s left inviting an invective soliloquy for the lack of intellection and for the simple company… of another

Walking barefoot whereupon the crimson let, a macadam packed with ossified offerings and reified refusals; a cramoisy craquelure of his sanity beneath a lazuline skyscape, blemished in perpetuity by a thunderous tumor over tremulous shoulders stalking

He dares straddle the liminality delineating equilibrium and deliquium, controlled by porous hands bearing pious guilt; a back-scratching, favor-hatching collective society who shuns purgation, while lamenting hestern and filling entitled shovels to tamp the exploitable dirt

art: Three Studies for a Crucifixion (2) by Francis Bacon

Published by a.d.matthias

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25 thoughts on “Nameless

    1. I have far too responses to this, so I’ll just do a couple. (:

      I don’t believe I mentioned not knowing why it was turned down. Your line of reasoning was first mentioned to me in an email conversion that began this whole journey of disappointment two months ago. I knew then, too. It was a response from an individual who misunderstood a question; or perhaps I wasn’t being clear at the time. I let it go. For me, I love seeing words I don’t know and googling them in the midst of a read; I find that very enjoyable. And I want to use the words I’ve learned over the years, from wherever they came. For people who claim to “love words,” I find any other behavior very odd; but everyone is different, I’m not judging. If I don’t write how I like to write, what’s the point in continuing? (:

      Of this garbage, the whole first two paragraphs, or whatever you want to call them (I personally don’t think this type of thing is “poetry,” but I have no idea how to label it), allude to using language (deadwood) this way. And trying to find like-minded people. And the ensuing loneliness that invites/welcomes even self-abusive soliloquies just to have someone to talk to. Do you really think that I think even a quarter of the Likes are from actual read throughs? (:

      There are only plebs present, so I couldn’t dismiss your viewpoint, even if I wanted to; which I don’t/wouldn’t. (:

      (lots of smileys, no anger)

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      1. I know you are not angry. But I can understand your frustration. I can also totally understand your love for words and using lesser common words.
        But on wordpress do you really think people have the time to read and look up words when they are following hundreds of blogs? Most of them like without even reading.
        As far as online publications are concerned, more eyeballs mean more revenues. Nobody wants to publish works which their readers may find using too sophisticated vocabulary.
        Of course you should write to please yourself and if other people enjoy what you write, that is great.
        You write extremely well and I too am guilty of liking without understanding at times. I do it because I feel it is impolite to visit a blog and not like. But you may have also noticed, I comment when I have understood.
        Mark my words, one day your works will be published because you are way ahead of most of us.
        Till then bear with the proletariat.😁

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      2. WordPress schmordpress, if one likes words, one likes words. I don’t think poor WordPress can be blamed. πŸ™‚

        Some people do, in fact, have time, you’re talking to one. Not that I have loads of time, but I don’t sweat too bad if I don’t get to every single post. 😜

        Fuck eyeballs. πŸ€”πŸ˜

        Yes. I’ve noticed. πŸ˜‘ You comment. A lot. 😧

        Yeah, well, they won’t need to read through my trash much longer. Experiment failed. So, no, I won’t mark your words. 😏

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      3. Schmordpress sounds good! πŸ˜‰
        No, I am not blaming poor wordpress.
        If you have the time…it makes two of us. 😎
        Don’t say that!😱 We need eyeballs. πŸ‘€
        Are you trying to tell me I shouldn’t comment as much πŸ€” or that you are shocked I understand your poems! 🀣
        Stop calling your work trash. I am not a rag picker. 😐
        Well, time will tell.
        Good night till your next post. ☺️

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  1. btw , reading through people’s conversation, if i may add my take – i think using a lot of obscure vocabulary on purpose is part of the aesthetic of your poems and their personality. Like reading a foreign language or reading poems from older times etc you want them to feel in a certain way and this contrasted to the more current and normative use of language is striking. i also feel alienated by that at times – but isn’t that cool? isn’t that how you feel? the alienation that comes with language use… i like the idea. keep doing your thing.

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    1. Yes, I definitely think the specific words used in pieces do lend their atmosphere to the pieces, which I quite like. I also like your alienation spin. I feel like this dead horse has been beaten quite enough now, though. (:


  2. and who gives a crap about online publications – i don’t bother “following” just about anyone so don’t take my follow lightly :p

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    1. Well, during the aforementioned email conversation, I tried to get across to that individual that I really don’t know if anything I write is any good. My only barometer is what is told to me. Ergo, no publications (the “professionals”), means no good, in my wee brain.

      I didn’t know you were following (I don’t see you in my list) :p… I have so much trouble getting to your site, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the wordpress app… I’ve followed you, too, but it seems to always disconnect :/


      1. ps does it matter if what you write is “good” tho? I mean… I used to obsess over it with music. but then it takes away the joy of the process and I end up feeling uninspired so my advice is less self judging = more free space in your brain + you enjoy the process more and doing so leads to unexpected results rather than pining over obtaining a specific result that might be more pleasant 4 others…. it’s like picasso said, taste is really the enemy of creative thinking. on that note, i never particularly liked Picasso’s paintings even though collective good taste would have me worship them πŸ˜€

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      2. Intellectually, I know what you’re saying, and tend to agree, but that’s a hurdle I’ve never been able to clear. I never really understood Picasso’s appeal either, but I don’t really know art, so I always just assumed it was me (everything’s my fault, don’t ya know…)


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