Ever hell

When I within my darkness stumble,
it’s you on whom I dwell;
for you are she who let me crumble,
alone within my ever hell

I rip and tear the wicked prison,
of my rufescent shell;
in hope to find a light yet risen,
lo, naught within my ever hell

My pleas and prayers fall deathly silent,
by toll of prescient bell;
with weakened will and sickness violent,
I’m lost within my ever hell

Then answers come from blackness hollow,
the pain my demons quell;
alas it’s they in whom I follow,
succumb within my ever hell

My thoughts will stray to meadows flowered,
though to myself I tell;
this place my soul is oft devoured,
it’s home within my ever hell

art: reject.ed by Peterio

Published by a.d.matthias

no w here

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