Do not touch within the asylum,
lest disease and madness spread

Stay disconnected from the others,
to keep the bogeyman away

Keep your gaze tracking low,
and you’ll not aggravate the violent…
or see them coming

Hide your many opinions,
or the truly insane will posture and prevail

Walk the streets in daylight,
for the asylum is treacherous at night

Take pride in your own sanity,
while paranoia grips your ego

Live by your every assumption,
to proclaim you’re at least halfway right

Look out for your own skin,
while looking out for those unlike you

Dimiss the calls for restraint,
as there are plenty of other planets

Anticipate the coming mayhem,
that frees us all from our common asylum

art: Fracture by Margarita Georgiadis

Published by a.d.matthias

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