Judgment balcony

A coquette twirling mother’s example around her finger, Tying the tongue of the boy’s barely broken box; Wrapping him, too, like a string forget-me-not An elder, one hand with a cane, the other in another’s, Floating painfully along the aromatic, springtime lane; They’ve no roses left to smell in their twilight stroll A child’s displeasedContinue reading “Judgment balcony”

Death sentences

My afterthoughts, these ghosts, they’re different than what I intend I have trouble deciphering the muddled emotions infecting my veins I parade them across the wary pages, hoping they’ll connect But they receive little fanfare, and offer no relief or intimation Most eyes don’t grant a courteous glance Many would rather a pall cover theContinue reading “Death sentences”

A moment’s piece

I close my windows to deaden the world Evidenced in every inhale and interaction, there’s nothing here for me There’s no welcome for the unsmiled, only mislike and mistrust I, pariah Energetic children frolicking wildly in the park A dog loudly greeting the stroke of a sunbeam Bromidian neighbours chatting with animated alacrity All assailContinue reading “A moment’s piece”


Straitjacket with a bow tie, cocktail dress with a grin; he was made for savage deeds, and she was made to sin Slaughter under the spotlight, bloodlust beneath the moon; each kill brought them ecstasy; while each thrill waned too soon Born still, her labour bled him, performance center stage;her will he seeks to favour,Continue reading “Elysium”