Death sentences

My afterthoughts, these ghosts, they’re different than what I intend
I have trouble deciphering the muddled emotions infecting my veins

I parade them across the wary pages, hoping they’ll connect
But they receive little fanfare, and offer no relief or intimation

Most eyes don’t grant a courteous glance
Many would rather a pall cover the pain I lay bare
Rainbows are prettier; hopeful contentedness, easier to digest

Each rose cossets uncelebrated shadows betwixt its silken petals
Its thorns bite
It wilts and decays
And with every facet, still it is a rose
Yet it’s only their vibrance that’s lauded as perfection in poetry

Heather grey horizons foretell the violence of storms
With magnificent, swirling winds
Strobes of lightning
Wails of thunder, and
The humility of insignificance
Yet it’s the passive sunshine that’s pandered most preciously

Light depresses those whose only home has ever been darkness
As for this soul, and those akin
It flaunts the lost opportunities and failures in neon taunts and epithets

For me, sadness is a salve for unchangeable truths
It’s a blanket for comfort
A way to smother perceived injustices
Inviting a baptism of tears for the poisoned whys

I’ve wept for the death sentences committed to my oeuvre of sorrow
For their crippling melancholy
And the inevitable loneliness they’ll face

They embellish the pages that cradle my brokenness
Watermarks dotting the eyes
Bleeding the ink
Running from comfort and fairytales

It’s the only way I can ever be
Until when one day, lines are penned
In a note, too, that will be left unread

art: (untitled) by Jeanne Bessette

Published by a.d.matthias

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