Bind the serpent daylight and dusk
Leave no recourse for peremptory strikes
Stave its bloodlust of injustice sensed
Though saddened eyes see the truth

Let them bear the duplicity, the weight
The lids buckling from the silent berating
Pressing upon the open heart, aletheia
Light like waves, they float their tongues

Doling empty words like morsels to koi
Magnanimity to project, but nary the time
Turning aback, while Janus still faces you
Laying serenity across your lips

As pain and conflict tear over mind
Break their fingers, twisted daggers
Bleeding leeches of creative charm
They claim they stand on giant shoulders

Instead they stomp on living graves
All for one and one for none
Dichotomy is their signature brand
Filling the space between idle lines

art: Aletheia by Margarita Georgiadis



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