Knot ready

Swaying upon roots of regret, 
Sun-shaded by outstretched invitations;
Gnarled digits begging for fruit to ripen

My back, damp with whispers,
Bakes beneath the umbrage of a past beckoning;
Mesmerized by a knot, a knot for my throat

Epistles swirl about my feet,
Lest I forget my purpose;
"Leave, leave, leave this place,
to better it in your absence"

Photograph: (untitled) by me



Published by a.d.matthias

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6 thoughts on “Knot ready

  1. It seems like it has been forever since I’ve last seen a new poem of yours. So glad to see you posting again! Now, this poem is a beauty, layered with the thoughts of regret, poignancy, and absence. “Would things be better if I leave?” This resonates hard with me in the way I’m interpreting this piece. It seems like it hangs with ambiguity of someone’s purpose or role in different things throughout life, say a job or a hobby that relies on groups of people.

    I can also see a darker interpretation of this as it pertains to life itself. Now THAT would be very dark and saddening. I also feel like there’s some biblical roots in this piece, but I think I’m reading way too much in the fruit comparisons (which is just a great symbol in poetry). Another outstanding piece, a.d. I always enjoy reading your work with its intricate layers and visceral beauty. It is incredible.

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    1. It’s always a sure thing to assume the darkest interpretations with what I write. I stopped posting, as I didn’t see the point in continuing, when no one is reading; but your analyses and kind words are always welcome and much appreciated. It’s a pity I’ve only one of you.

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  2. “Mesmerised by a knot, a knot for my throat.” I love the seeming double meaning here. Very dark. Almost as if someone is being hylnotised, really really good.

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