secreting a saline soliloquy while the tambour calls to war immersed in inferno insurgency riding shotgun ‘bove rapid ichor vaguely expressing the pressure behind a stiff kamikaze gale deters not the coming agressor or the inexorable coffin nail mannequin’d from mental vacuity as the terror takes its toll resigned to wishful torpidity panic’s stealing anotherContinue reading “#69”

Cubbies and corners

In the darkest parts of the starkest hearts In the cubbies and corners a rebellion starts From the silent dreams to the violent screams Therein you’ll find these desperate schemes For the madness mends when the sadness ends When the will is broken as it no longer bends Then a hidden seed grows the biddenContinue reading “Cubbies and corners”

Sleeve redux

A chest that bears his emptiness Which the blood-stain will profess Soaked completely down to his sallow skin Leaving no choice but to redress There’s just one shirt that remains to him The raiment in which he grieves It’s black and burned and stained in tears With sorrow adorning both sleeves *I didn’t like the (rushed)Continue reading “Sleeve redux”


Pendalogues of lamplight Falling down the stony stares Tripped when realization dawns That no one really cares Swaying absentmindedly Inured to dulcet voices Hollow in the lamplit room Immured by darkened choices – ◈ – Pendalogues of madness That feed the freshet down below Turn crystal pools of sadness To sanguine shores that overflow NeitherContinue reading “Pendalogues”


The shadow, swallowed by the darkened corner The below average, bringing down the curve The dead, overshadowed by the crying mourner The straight-laced, out done by the crazy swerve The teardrop, melting in the scalding shower The single note, dropped in the concert hall The whisper, lost beneath the voice of power The mighty tree,Continue reading “Invisible”

Between the lines

Note: this is purely conceptual and silly fun, evidenced by itself… Read between the lines To know the secret lies Or you’ll be left behind Don’t miss the hidden cries Where words pretend to fall The eyes won’t see what’s written They’ll never say it all When with just the words you’re smitten But understandContinue reading “Between the lines”


With blood encrusted fingertips Beneath her shattered fingernails An unbreakable determination Fills wide her billowing sails She continues to fret the layers Each stroke deeper than the last Ignoring those, unwilling souls To see beyond his troubled past She knows what lies behind the pain Of his brick and mortar pall And soon she’ll pullContinue reading “Fret”