Suicide by the minuteDying before my eyesSlowly choking on memoriesSwallowing razors to set them freeHomicide in the mirrorLineaments slash my faceBlackened veins where poison reignsBeratement in a dreamscapeInfanticide of the child insideInnocence drown in fireYesterday turned the looking glassTomorrow turned a liar art: Anomalie 8 by Eric Lacombe *2022.

Wavered march

The glass path beckoned blooded feet; stainedPerditious wishes, for so the tailwind urgedStaying the course without discourseThe footprints, and the rest, left behindHe looks down upon himselfIn the mirrored, tearful stream While noosing waves from fallen footShackle him to the reflecting poolSilver splinters splash and slashEach a memory; of failure, of suffocationIn this, a waveredContinue reading “Wavered march”

A mote of dust

The silence is suffocating as swallowing sand to pass the time. The air aggressively cupping my ears, they feel fat with the weight of it. Atrophic mind, aches to the bone, a vein visibly throbs beneath the sallow pellicle, lizard green. The metronomic motion hypnotic with promise. There’s fear in a mote of dust, thatContinue reading “A mote of dust”

Reject, shun

Shun the reject, he won’t knowLost within his own abusesA coping, hopeless misanthropeOne who counts the daysThe ways to waylay happinessThere’s no empathy for a blank slateNor a tear shed for the attemptRejoice! A hand bled dead in the cullOf the dull; he who sullies humanityWith his surreptitious kindnessHe cannot feel, cannot be realDespite hisContinue reading “Reject, shun”

Fantasy of forgiveness

The five sorrowful mysteries shudder within these pellicle walls, and they are not Enough Lost are the pleas upon deafened ears, what is the throat useful for Blood-sweat is fallen when waxen agony is traced with splintered fingernails The tattoos of repentance delivering languor for a broken mind, as meant to Nine tails cursing andContinue reading “Fantasy of forgiveness”


Bind the serpent daylight and dusk Leave no recourse for peremptory strikes Stave its bloodlust of injustice sensed Though saddened eyes see the truth Let them bear the duplicity, the weight The lids buckling from the silent berating Pressing upon the open heart, aletheia Light like waves, they float their tongues Doling empty words likeContinue reading “Aletheia”

Posies (pentaptych)

In heaven’s garden Pareidolia posies Blossom for his eyes – ❖ – Of a steel bouquet Where landed her fallen tears Rusted posies wilt With plastic smiles she cleans them For others thus they lustre – ❖ – Gathering posies In melancholia fields Sorrow’s redolence – ❖ – Half the petals lie When torn fromContinue reading “Posies (pentaptych)”

A drowning on Olive Skins

I am honoured to have a piece appearing on Olive Skins. Thank you to Devika, My Valiant Soul. Please continue reading A drowning via the link below. My thoughts are a drowning, dead like a floating head in formaldehyde I’ve not cried for him in an age, but dreams plow where the beast leads themContinue reading “A drowning on Olive Skins”


I drown myself in the nascent, crimson gloaming of daylight’s dying When I imagine draining all the sorrow from within, this is how it is Infinite fissures hidden beneath a lustrous tulle of rubescence, an oveure of self-portraits defying existence in a savagely critical form of art, with the overwhelming innocence of mindlessness; irenic andContinue reading “Sunsets”

Judgment balcony

A coquette twirling mother’s example around her finger, Tying the tongue of the boy’s barely broken box; Wrapping him, too, like a string forget-me-not An elder, one hand with a cane, the other in another’s, Floating painfully along the aromatic, springtime lane; They’ve no roses left to smell in their twilight stroll A child’s displeasedContinue reading “Judgment balcony”

Death sentences

My afterthoughts, these ghosts, they’re different than what I intend I have trouble deciphering the muddled emotions infecting my veins I parade them across the wary pages, hoping they’ll connect But they receive little fanfare, and offer no relief or intimation Most eyes don’t grant a courteous glance Many would rather a pall cover theContinue reading “Death sentences”

A moment’s piece

I close my windows to deaden the world Evidenced in every inhale and interaction, there’s nothing here for me There’s no welcome for the unsmiled, only mislike and mistrust I, pariah Energetic children frolicking wildly in the park A dog loudly greeting the stroke of a sunbeam Bromidian neighbours chatting with animated alacrity All assailContinue reading “A moment’s piece”


Straitjacket with a bow tie, cocktail dress with a grin; he was made for savage deeds, and she was made to sin Slaughter under the spotlight, bloodlust beneath the moon; each kill brought them ecstasy; while each thrill waned too soon Born still, her labour bled him, performance center stage;her will he seeks to favour,Continue reading “Elysium”

Die a little more

Awake to fake a smile and conversations Surviving on lies to avoid the questions Counting minutes, enduring the moments Meaning irrelevant, memories forgotten Breathing to seethe from the brokenness Suffocating in silence on shattered glass Staining the pieces with threats and epithets Shaping a self-portrait with knuckles and hate Alive to dive deeper into harkingContinue reading “Die a little more”

Rocking chair

Cool air, disturbing hair, the breathy whisper of convenience; rocking in safety and boredom; shackled to obedience and fear A foot brushes carpet in the darkness of a screaming mouth; hoarding silence as gold; looking through the soul to only desolation outside Hunting for treasures in the dung of afterthought; finding, as expected, only dung;Continue reading “Rocking chair”

Whether the storm

Alone in the frigid cold, the stars her only guide, while consternation constellations in every direction, threaten to hasten the end Whether the storm of tempests rage against the sky, the shifting plates fault the land, the rising oceans swallow the continents piece by piece Or while ravaged by the fire from an untamed sun,Continue reading “Whether the storm”

The many gods

Tongues and fingers light the path, flickering this way and that, casting hawkish shadows upon themosaic of dimly lit memories Twisting language and shifting grips,searching for the righteous wordsand propitious angles, hoping thepast is forgotten, thus forgiven Begging and bargaining to their one of the many gods, to be favoured above their brothers,flattered above theirContinue reading “The many gods”


The corvid whispered his secrets feared, piercing his flesh with nail; he tried to scream, but could only hear, the corvid’s wicked wail They’re watching you, he knew it true, because the corvid said it so She pecked and poked for the writhing worm, buried in memory’s grume; he could not flee nor fight norContinue reading “Corvid”

The march

One beside himself;hand over fist, disgorging the shrapnelto bestrew his perditious path He tries in vane to tamethe memory-go-round;the golden ring long begone, yet his mind it shackles still There’s infinity in every footfall,of his never-ending journey;timelessness preempts salvation, with a deafness of damnable knells The solemn march of a good soldier,forging into the beknownstContinue reading “The march”

Buried memories

What buried memories have I? Those that would drag me to   their perfidious depths;  where the skeletons of sanshi await   to cradle an ancient woe Those that would evulse tears unbidden,  ignite the searing guilt,   encite the burning questions;  lead the rings of fire to shed shame   amidst blush and fluster They who would turn a deaf earContinue reading “Buried memories”

Left behind

Dreams departing like webs on the windEach new endeavour more transient than the lastErstwhile wishes begetting ersatz desiresIn a tangled bramble of silkless litterfall Every chip in the ego, births a crack in the psycheAnd the stretching interstitial tendrils grasp wildly Trying to hold onto the mind, hold fast the shatteringStill they escape the awarenessContinue reading “Left behind”

Bullet dodged

Bullet dodgedHavoc unwreakedThroat unlodgedSecrets unleaked Sight unseenLover unravagedInterest unseemedHater unsavaged Seeker unboundHider unsoughtReason unsoundDanger unfraught Path unclearFate unraveledPresence unnearSteps untraveled Embrace unfeltLove ungivedDesire undealtLife unlived art: (untitled) by Marcos Beccari


As his lips were sewn by the iniquitous hand, noisome iron streaked the stubbled grey, loosing ferric wishes upon the deafened earth The pretender, the fraudster, Life, with bewitching, infectious glee, mended its marionette bespoken; into compliance, obediently broken He painted himself into a corner of his mind, with colours of ignominy and humility, usingContinue reading “Puppeteer”

Empty, too

Empty table, blocked entry to the tower of babel Empty chairs, silent interrogation from vacant stares Empty plate, I scrape the fork to stay awake Empty wall, save shoulder-shaking, shadow shawls Empty room, though scent of stalking nightmares loom Empty breath, no sound to suffer or oxygen left Empty chest, no spirit haunt, or ghostContinue reading “Empty, too”

Fellow Man Not

Alone, but for the innumerable, in a cacophony of pandemonic howls; he weeps inconsolably, an outpouring for the downpouring Hollow and immovable, akin to those withered rampikes propinquitously poised; one within a wilderness of wails, yet never felled Tremulous and numb, as the thunderous wrath disturbs the brume that consumes him, assaults the superego thatContinue reading “Fellow Man Not”

The horde

Astride a tattered apishamore, the gossamer flesh of perception interflows with her own translucence Harassed by the frenzied sycamores, as they gaure through contempt and dissonance They blindly hurl their calumnies, rendering her angelic glow foredone She bears in this chaos her harmony, smearing just running kohl into war paint Emboldened by the vile loess,Continue reading “The horde”

Objects without a story

Not lionized or accursed, not a source of wisdom or song Objects without a story, unburdened with sentiment; devoid of outward interest, lacking a beginning and charm Pitiable and stagnant, awaiting their decaying epoch, as no roving eyes pause upon them, disabused of desire Resigned to dwine in their shadowed box unbidden They abrade noContinue reading “Objects without a story”


Atramental remiges occulting her light, an embrace from the silver-tongued magpie, lone and sorrowful Stelliferous flickerings perturbing her sight, a clench of the eyes, thrust behind the wicked iron constriction Echoes from the bloodnouns surrounding her plight, a subfusc serenade, mesmeric premonitions of her vagary Colubrine ligatures binding her tight, scales of their justice, pressedContinue reading “Fellow”


He breaststrokes through the bogland, with a mind, twilight-kissed, thoughts too heavy to keep him adrift So succumbs to algedonic toxicities, of wayward desperate diversions, yea, sly reality perversions Breathing retribution when his face embraces the mire, beclouded, befuddled, malicious memories afire A pyre, now his form, drawn to depths by the quag, his ensuantContinue reading “Heartland”


Cresting the familiar stairwell, to disfamiliar emptiness; no riant beacon of thrill, to welcome this vessel home; trails tracing trails of memories, beneath shadowed, swollen sunsets; dew-ladened lashes languish, as lids in denial clench; idyllic flashes of fancy, in the squeeze’s ensuing darkness; desperately seeking delusions, in reality’s unforgiving light; too much time remains, ofContinue reading “Irreplaceable”

Blooderfly eyry

Palms to the sky, he questions and suffers ex animo; his ullage ever deepening, as cerise streaks escape his stretch, assoiling torturous trespasses Disdainful dissatisfaction flutters from the alabaster perches, offering a brilliant contrast to the cerulean above and cimmerian within A blooderfly eyry where he stands, while he withers, sins taking flight from grievingContinue reading “Blooderfly eyry”


Blood filled her mouth, before spattering tea leaves and carmine weaves into the porcelain that steadfastly steadied her wavering savouring Madness then took her hand, leading her through an oneiric wasteland; it beckoned spectres, who danced before them in sinister circles of möbius machinations The coward cowered beneath ego and judgement, clawing the grip ofContinue reading “Madness”

Carrion on the carousel

Frustration rears its peerless fear as fearless peers move forward; unveiling avarice and hubristic expectation He turns away his longing gaze in a forfeit of forbearance; while life flies by, his skin crawls to flee the flaying Hidden eyes can’t hide the lies, when time torments his tender flesh; through tempestuously violent slipstreams The galeContinue reading “Carrion on the carousel”

The ring

The ring, everlasting; sometimes, unbidden, he can feel its annulus metallic chill, the phantom sensation and horripilation of an infinitely symbolic, twisted lemniscate; an unraveling thereof, which is no less forever When möbius memories turn aback, he’ll depress the hoop seeking an idyllic, rockwellian innocence, one that he was never comfortable wearing; a pressing reminderContinue reading “The ring”

Swaddle me, Suffer

Swallow me, Sorrow That I may choke on the rotten soil in vivisepulture; fodder for the screwworms, fare for the dermestids, swell the bellies of scavengers with the fattened tormentors, yet spare me the escape of peaceful death Punish me, Misery Bruise and abuse me in my isolated tenebrosity; give no quarter, spare no skinContinue reading “Swaddle me, Suffer”


Still I feel a symphony of agony, though the blind see it not; consumed by self-serving inter- pretations and cheshire duality, a moment not taken to vivisect nascent dubeity for the benefit; ensconsed in backstabbing morality, mercurial quicksand, planting seeds in a wasteland, only to witness the struggle; honesty would bear fruit consentiently, yet theContinue reading “Symphony”

The box

Dust in a box, uninteresting save its progenitor; in truth, a mere pacifier for those grieved souls Redwood blonde, lined by age, once a titan of might, now molded into an honorable death, at Its behest Lifeless plaques, shiny tchotchkes of distraction, adornments scarred by dates past and words empty; Human constructs, ill-befitting records andContinue reading “The box”


He paces throughout this prison, barred by the abandoned spaces, only remnants of remembrances, naught remaining in periphery breathing subject to parsimony, being always reticent to continue, heaviness of heart to aching joints, he can’t embrace the empty spaces rather he zealously oppugns reality, avoids the missing yet not unseen, at the mercy of theContinue reading “Spaces”

Void a void

The stalwart walking chalk outline, a bone-white sillage swirling behind, in a dramatic paisley murmur of aloof pursuit; his barely throbbing corsage sheds its wet petals for a burgandy- pasted path of disenchantment; my steps slow in the crimson sludge, as I desperately grasp at the beckoning cloud; chasing Plutonic perfection, what I was meantContinue reading “Void a void”


Overwhelmed in a subsumption of rapier steel, a slender stalk of hay in the needlestack, every eye encircling him in judgement; each piercing their displeasure in a mental bloodlet, no hand would brave the chromium cage that traps his bridled rage, lest they too be lashed; no way to thread an escape, he sets toContinue reading “Needlestack”

Perfect storm

Enveloped by nubilous darkness Transfixing the lightning seams Entreating, bolts for forgiveness And a coalescence of solidarity Deafening, the raucous thunder Rendered silent by a lesser man Listening to every transgression Synchrony without and within Consumed by torrential offerings Pouring heart and passion forth Inundated by tearful effluxion Drowning in sympathetic remorse Touched by theContinue reading “Perfect storm”


Bloody knuckles and broken heart, barbaric breathing in tender breaths, uneasy lies the head that wears the frown, weighted memories, life bereft; wall of innocence, dotted hue, departed love, the vacuum filled; fester, blister, boiling blood, dawns the night in unexpected bruises; now with eyes, the wall stands judgement, mock the man in swelling weakness;Continue reading “Turmoil”

Serenely sleep

sweet smother, serenely sleep the shadows sense wherein to creep a raptor whispers secrets keep slip away in silence masked madness, molly please free of freedom, binding frieze foolish hope on mindless seize alacritous alliance when upon an umbrous sleuth awakened awe uncovered truth overwhelmed with unctuous ruth rebarbative reliance tripped and taut, cataract gleamContinue reading “Serenely sleep”