A mote of dust

The silence is suffocating as swallowing sand to pass the time. The air aggressively cupping my ears, they feel fat with the weight of it. Atrophic mind, aches to the bone, a vein visibly throbs beneath the sallow pellicle, lizard green. The metronomic motion hypnotic with promise. There’s fear in a mote of dust, thatContinue reading “A mote of dust”

Reject, shun

Shun the reject, he won’t knowLost within his own abusesA coping, hopeless misanthropeOne who counts the daysThe ways to waylay happinessThere’s no empathy for a blank slateNor a tear shed for the attemptRejoice! A hand bled dead in the cullOf the dull; he who sullies humanityWith his surreptitious kindnessHe cannot feel, cannot be realDespite hisContinue reading “Reject, shun”

Fantasy of forgiveness

The five sorrowful mysteries shudder within these pellicle walls, and they are not Enough Lost are the pleas upon deafened ears, what is the throat useful for Blood-sweat is fallen when waxen agony is traced with splintered fingernails The tattoos of repentance delivering languor for a broken mind, as meant to Nine tails cursing andContinue reading “Fantasy of forgiveness”


Bind the serpent daylight and dusk Leave no recourse for peremptory strikes Stave its bloodlust of injustice sensed Though saddened eyes see the truth Let them bear the duplicity, the weight The lids buckling from the silent berating Pressing upon the open heart, aletheia Light like waves, they float their tongues Doling empty words likeContinue reading “Aletheia”

Posies (pentaptych)

In heaven’s garden Pareidolia posies Blossom for his eyes – ❖ – Of a steel bouquet Where landed her fallen tears Rusted posies wilt With plastic smiles she cleans them For others thus they lustre – ❖ – Gathering posies In melancholia fields Sorrow’s redolence – ❖ – Half the petals lie When torn fromContinue reading “Posies (pentaptych)”

A drowning on Olive Skins

I am honoured to have a piece appearing on Olive Skins. Thank you to Devika, My Valiant Soul. Please continue reading A drowning via the link below. My thoughts are a drowning, dead like a floating head in formaldehyde I’ve not cried for him in an age, but dreams plow where the beast leads themContinue reading “A drowning on Olive Skins”


I drown myself in the nascent, crimson gloaming of daylight’s dying When I imagine draining all the sorrow from within, this is how it is Infinite fissures hidden beneath a lustrous tulle of rubescence, an oveure of self-portraits defying existence in a savagely critical form of art, with the overwhelming innocence of mindlessness; irenic andContinue reading “Sunsets”

Empty, too

Empty table, blocked entry to the tower of babel Empty chairs, silent interrogation from vacant stares Empty plate, I scrape the fork to stay awake Empty wall, save shoulder-shaking, shadow shawls Empty room, though scent of stalking nightmares loom Empty breath, no sound to suffer or oxygen left Empty chest, no spirit haunt, or ghostContinue reading “Empty, too”


Bleeding out from self-inflicted conniptions Deafened by the ear-shattering report of rage Jabbing and stabbing, craving and staving A shudder in the stillness of vespertine Another epilogue, for another volume on impuissance Midnight eyes, rain clouds in her sky, staring at the ceiling Asphyxiating words dying in the air Reaching out from self-constriction, limply hangingContinue reading “Conniption”

Dead things

In this corner do dead things dwell; a stygian hollow hidden from his heart lest weeping abet ablution; a decaying hoard for self-inflicted reminiscences; algor mortis befell roseate osculations, lying cracked & cold, sans sweet nothings & passionate everythings, mere spavined archways of ancient ruins; sobriquets foreign to him, forgotten toxins that no longer dripContinue reading “Dead things”


Turbid sludge coerced through ever constricting jugulars, thickening with peculiar particulates; a dreamcatcher gallows whereby esperance was strung until still, whose relics there yet hang in derision of their host; spectres of malcontent haunting in compunctious preoccupation, an arterial ossuary of sacramental wolfsbane coagulated in bloodwine; a straitjacket of skin taut to tearing, confining theContinue reading “Zugzwang”


Negative ever feeds negative it’s a perpetual emotion machine Akin to ouroboros of its tail its insatiablity, destructive, obscene Negative ever seeds negative sowing discord in the susceptible mind To some a mere curiosity, while gardens bloom in the positively blind Negative ever bleeds negative ambrosia always collecting its toll Plumbing the depths of itsContinue reading “Negative”


Mired in retrospection nary a decision could be made Wired by circumspection never in progression will he wade Fired upon synapses ignite the trangression with a spark Pyred within memories candlelight suppression now it’s dark Gyred by apparitions haunting reparations end is nigh Tired of self-reflection willful separation time to fly art: The Apotheosis ofContinue reading “Retrospective”


He hears her before he sees her, garrulously babbling from inside the drive-thru window Poor decisions, or unfortunate circumstances, unceremoniously brought her to their employ; skills lost to anachrony – or having none to speak of – she had no choice, she has to live… He supposes She was macilent, nearly emaciated, with grey croppedContinue reading “Ceremony”

The din

The unexpected presence of a new voice rose through his darkened din; it is crystalline and promising, frightening and unobtainable Wayward imagination will choose its usual ruse ere he’s disabused; one for which he unerringly falls, evidenced by his halls of fancied fallacies Is that simple gullibility or blind intractability? Is it desperate esperance orContinue reading “The din”

If they only knew

I can almost hear the sunlight’s strain, as it struggles to push through the closed windowblinds, steadfastly determined to flood the room with its unwanted presence Like the uninvited guest happily knocking at the welcome mat-less front door The too-cheery neighbor waving from their well-manicured lawn The good mornings and have a nice days fromContinue reading “If they only knew”