There she lies, my beautiful wife
Or should I say, beautiful mom? I guess we should get used to hearing that
She’s glowing, luminescent perfection

It was an exquisite day to be out exploring with her
A sentiment that must have been shared by everyone, as it was a hustling street, on a bustling beat
Vibrantly alive
Like her

There was a café across the way that she was eager to try after the show
Outdoor seating, refreshing breeze, an ice-cream on the boardwalk…

“One for you and two for me,” she said with a smirk
– that playful, “I can say that, but you’d better not” kind of smirk

And with her dazzling effervescence, she started pulling me across the road
Though, she needn’t, because I will always follow where she goes
And lead her, where she wants to follow
How did I get this lucky

I’m shaken, rumbled out of reverie

It’s Sara… Maddox? Sara Meddicks?
I think that’s how she introduced herself, something like that; there was a lot of commotion at the time
We met them on the way to the café, she and her partner
They seemed like lovely people, and what a lovely day to meet them

However, now she seems out of sorts, worried
She’s calling my name
I think it’s my name
She has those old, silver fillings that dentists no longer use
And black-framed glasses highlighting her heterochromia; fascinating, I wonder how it’s affected the way people see her, or the way she sees them see her…
A kind face
I don’t hear what she’s saying, though
It’s the sirens… there must have been an accident nearby
So sad, on such a gorgeous day

I hope everyone is alright

I point to my wife, to put Sara at ease
Does she see her? I know that she would feel better, if she could see her the way I do
They would be fast friends; she would like my wife, everyone does

Her sundress… it’s stained, and spreading
Ruby, like her name…
A happy happenstance, not lost on Ruby, I’m sure
She makes those connections faster than I can
Metaphorically and personably
I hope it doesn’t upset her, it was new for today’s “last grand adventure before parenthood”
I’ll clean it for her when she wakes
The stain is on me, too
It’s everywhere, in fact
But for now, she needs to rest, the big day is coming soon
In just a couple of weeks, we become “the three musketeers,” as she says

…maybe that’s what Sara is upset about

“Don’t worry,” I say to her with a smile, as I pat her on the shoulder, “I’ll buy her a new one”

Surprise seemed to erupt onto her face, then she moved to lean across me
A hug of newfound friendship?
Of gratitude?
I reach to reciprocate, but she goes beyond
Shutting the twin doors behind us
An engine roars to life, she’s lurched back to her seat, and busies herself with Ruby

I knew they’d be friends
And we head down the hustling street, on this bustling beat, on this beautiful day

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7 thoughts on “Luminescent

      1. Yeah, the description of the day is lovely as is the characters obvious adoration of his little family. Then mixing it with the obviously tragic turn of events and the characters kind of slow uptake as to what’s happening. It all just mixes together to create great atmospheres and visuals.

        Liked by 1 person

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