tsk tsk tsk

tsk tsk tsk wagged the metronome
who watched over
her delicate

ting ting ting sang the ivory
as she taunted
the sweet baby

no no no seethed the pedagogue
he was a talentless,

sob sob sob rang the little girl
forced alone
with the tutor
so cruel

psst psst psst whisp’d the wretched man
these secrets
you mustn’t
tell a soul

rip tear bruise I’m your biggest fan
dear, i promise
to you
the lead role

sob sob sob the instructor cried
told police
he’d done
nothing wrong

click snap squeeze they cuffed knowing he lied
and wondered
when they’d stop hearing
that song

wink wink wink shot the little girl
her parents
would now take
the lead

wash wash wash her hands of vicarity
misjudging her,
a dire assumption

Published by a.d.matthias

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